There is an entire invisible culture behind techno music. There is a vibrant universe behind every production. A process of inspiration and creation full of refinements that transcend the music itself and that is difficult to perceive on the dance floors. Eduardo de la Calle sings one of the most relevant vinyl discographies in the history of techno, and is the protagonist of this book.

“Living in a Material World” takes the viewer on a journey through all the contrasts that define Eduardo’s creative development. Accompanying him in his daily life has allowed me to capture the silence behind his sound, the loneliness that the artist pursues as a preamble to fill clubs around the world and the untapped harmony in the chaos of his studio work.

The artist’s fight to balance his personal life and beliefs with his artistic alter ego, the love and respect for his work behind every trip and every wait in the hall of some airport, collide head-on with the frivolity of the current musical scene, fuelled by the rise of social networks and idolising artists who have never come in contact with the essence of the role of a producer and DJ that Eduardo portrays every step of his daily life. An act of sincerity through contrasts.